Fortuna Academy Fortuna Academy

Port 31567
Players 1/200
Version v1.8.0
Country country JP
Owner ZenSirzechs
Category Survival Adventure PvE Roleplay Creative 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 1656 minutes ago

Fortuna Academy Another server based on High School. We are currently on beta and improving everyday.  We offer you our huge map to explore, creative plots and um.... yeah! Kawaii nekos that you dreamed of and.. you know what, just kidding. But hey, we've just started! And growing right? Our future plans are to add economy, survival, minigames and I'm willing to hear the next idea from you.~ We have large number of Roles/Ranks which will keep growing. ....I know you roleplayers never wanna be just normal. You are another supernatural being who wants to be the hero or... villein.. or.. LOOK I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANNA BE! But we got you covered. We have chosen only the capable staff members who are ACTUALLY nice and fair to everyone and always offering help. Pssst... you can join too if you pass the test. ;) C'mon, at least check it out. I assure you won't be disappointed~


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Fortuna Academy



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