Tyrian's Funworld Tyrian's Funworld

IP Funworld.world
Port 19132
Players 39/350
Version 1.17.10
Country US
Owner BegForMercy
Category Survival Parkour PvP Roleplay Factions 
Uptime 100.00%
Last update 72067 minutes ago

Welcome to FunWorld! The main server is primarily a survival server with dozens of warps containing Parkour, Survival Build Contests, Hide and Seek areas, Maze’s, PvP Arenas, and much more! There is a full shop available. Earn money by voting, selling items that you mine, or selling houses/bases that you build Words we live by: We are a rare place in cyberspace. We are bringing kids together from all corners of the globe 24 hours per day. We welcome people of any race, creed. color, orientation, nationality, religion, philosophy, age group, sex, status, wealth, lack of wealth, whatever… with no discrimination or requirements of any kind….except one-- You must be kind to others. We tolerate no bad language of any sort (sexual/racial/bad words/etc.) *Not affiliated in any way with Mojang


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Tyrian's Funworld



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