The Mine Survival The Mine Survival

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Country GB
Owner madmaz999
Category Survival Parkour PvP Economy Minigames 
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Welcome to The Mine Survival We are a new small server focused on both playing and having fun while getting to know each other and creating great relationships and friends. Right now we have already set up a few things for Members to do. - A whole world for Survival Play (A bit bugged, but fixes coming soon) - PVP (Player vs Player) - HotBlock (A fun Open Arena where players can make gain server currency) - Parkour (Currently only one map, but people have said it's challenging) Besides things to do, we have an extensive world protection. Members can get a job to make currency. They can Set up personal shops where they can sell all their valuable stuff to other players. I will warn you that our current player base is mostly active at around 20:00 to 03:00 GMT. Please Join despite your own time zone. We love meeting new people!


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The Mine Survival



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